“Alyssa is a terrific designer to work with! As entrepreneurs trying to launch our first start-up, we came to her with an idea of how we wanted our brand to look and feel, and she made it come to life in a beautiful logo design. She was creative, thoughtful and thorough, and a true partner in every sense of the word. She graciously accepted our feedback and turned around revisions that always improved on the previous versions. She was timely with her work, and very responsive. A true pleasure to work with!”

Beth and Katie
Beyond Flowers and Food



“Alyssa Dow turned out to be my ace in the hole. I hired Alyssa as a freelance designer on Best Health magazine and because we hadn’t worked together before, I started with having her design a few standard columns for me. It was immediately apparent that she had the skill and speed to handle much more, so I passed along everything from complex news pages to feature designs. I was particular impressed with Alyssa’s ability to problem solve with little or no guidance, all while juggling a variety of other projects. She just delivered creative solutions that hit the mark time after time. On a couple of occasions, I needed some minor retouching done on our cover images and was pleasantly surprised when Alyssa offered to handle that for me too. She is a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate in recommending her.”

Jackie Shipley
Art Director,
Best Health



“I’ve gotten to know Alyssa as a delightful and reliable person with fantastic design skills. We owe a great deal of the appeal and fresh up-to-date feel of our marketing materials to her efforts. Alyssa is a creative, highly organized and detail-oriented designer. She’s great at working independently, can produce high-level work with little supervision and always finishes projects on time.”

Sonia Poropat
Corporate Development Strategist,
Thomson Research Associates, Inc.



“Alyssa is 100% accountable to her role within the Marketing Solutions department at Reader’s Digest Media. She regularly seeks feedback which drives her ambition to meet the goal of a successful program completion. Alyssa is a key team player and efficiently balances workflow with creativity. She is able to identify what makes our magazine brands strong and build upon these strengths in our corporate creative. Alyssa can be counted on to exceed expectations to bring value and design excellence to our advertiser’s programs.”

Adam Snellings
Freelance Art Director,
Adam Snellings Graphic Design

[Formerly: Creative Services Manager,
Reader’s Digest Media]